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Here is what a professional stylist had to say about The Devine Difference...

"After taking Rhonda's hair cutting class I have the confidence to know which styles fit my client's face shape and will look best on them.

My work is more professional than ever before and I can tell that my clients respect me and my opinion. Rhonda's program has made a tremendous difference in my clientele retention."

- Leanna Sciuho, Hoshall's Salon and Spa, Folsom, Ca.

"Rhonda takes time to explain how she will work with my hair to complement my face shape and features.
She is a talented and dedicated who gives her all to every client. I always receive complements on her haircuts and am always pleased with her work."

-Fran McBride

"I came to Rhonda after having blonde hair I didn't want, chunky highlights because "everyone is wearing them", and hair so dark I shampooed it 12 times in a row to make it fade. A friend said, "Go to Rhonda!"
Rhonda determined what my face shape was and how various styles accentuated my features while others detracted from them. It was actually shocking to me how much the design on my hair changes my facial features. Rhonda also analyzed my skin tone and colors. After discovering that I was a summer, she showed me which colors would look natural and best complement my skin tones. Now I love how I look? I know how to style my hair thanks to Rhonda I've never felt better about my hair. Thanks Rhonda!"

-Lalani Shelton