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The Devine Difference Handbook and Tool Kit

Devine Differnece Toolkit


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A 40 page interactive guide that will step-by-step lead you though the art and science of identifying your face shape, analyzing your profile and understanding the principals of beauty as balance and harmony.

The Devine Difference Handbook shows you how to take photos of your head and shoulders you will use to determine your face shape, analyze our profile and identify and harmonize your features. Following The Devine Difference Handbook shows you four different methods to determine if your face is Oval, Oblong, Square, Round, Diamond, Triangle, Inverted or a combination. The Handbook is essential to retaining what you learn from the Devine Difference Videos.

Included in the Tool Kit is a specially designed, easy to use, flexible ruler for measuring your face, a headband to pull your hair back so that your hairline will show clearly in the photos. Two markers that are color coordinated with the Handbook. Measuring charts are also included for your convenience.

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