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The Devine Difference Haircut DVD II

Devine Difference Haircut


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50 minutes of amazing testimonials by Rhonda Devine's real live clients. Eleven of her clients tell their personal stories of transformation. Their stories are all different, but they have one thing in common, an amazing confidence from knowing they look great. These women are all uniquely beautiful without being a size 4. They are proof, there really is a Devine Difference

This DVD also features an interview with Rhonda DeVine, creator of the Devine Difference. Rhonda tells about her own transformation 30 years ago from a shy, "ugly duckling" outcast into a confident, professional stylist. Rhonda grew up with a unique physical feature that she affectionately calls her "little egg head". This motivated Rhonda to research face shapes and bone structure and to develop hairstyles that balance and harmonize any dominate facial feature.

The Devine Difference began with Rhonda, but has evolved over 30 years and thousands of clients. Rhonda's experience has lead her to understand that every single person has innate beauty waiting to be revealed by a simple secret. Rhonda will teach you how to use that secret to balance and harmonize your facial structure and features to reveal what is uniquely beautiful about you.

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