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The Devine Difference Haircut DVD I

Devine Difference Haircut


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This DVD is 60 minutes of entertaining, instructional video that will help you see yourself with different eyes. Rhonda DeVine, creator of the Devine Difference, will show you what makes a haircut fit your face. Rhonda will lead you on an amazing journey of discovery. She works with real women, not Hollywood models, to demonstrate how it is possible to reveal the unique beauty in every single face, no matter your age, the size of your nose, or any other feature that you think keeps you from being confident about the way you look.

You will see all the models before and after their Devine Difference haircuts. You will see for yourself how a haircut based on balancing your face shape, your profile, and your features creates a magical change in the models. Their eyes sparkle, and their faces light up when they see themselves in the mirror.

By learning the art and science of The Devine Difference Haircut you will be empowered to choose the perfect haircut that reveals what is uniquely beautiful about you. The Devine Difference system will teach you to individualize a perfect hair cut for you that considers your face shape, bone structure, profile, location of your eyes, neck, hair texture and more. It sounds like a lot to learn, but Rhonda makes it so much fun you will enjoy every minute. You will want to watch it over and over.

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