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Are you tired of copying hairstyles and make-up from magazines?

Forget trying to look like a movie star or a super model. There is a simple scientific principle that you can use to reveal your own unique beauty. That secret principle resides in nature.Devine Difference Haircut Video The Devine Difference Videos reveal the secret.

Nature loves balance. When our eyes see balance our brain tells us we are seeing beauty.

It is natural that we are attracted to that beauty. Revealing your own unique beauty is about balancing the shape of your face, bone structure, profile, location of eyes, neck, hair texture and more.

Grab a mirror and ask yourself... Does my haircut fit my face? Does it balance my profile and show off my cheek bones. Does it open up my eyes and make them sparkle?

Before Stephanie

Now for the first time Rhonda Devine's Difference is available in a 2 DVD set.

The Deluxe Set includes an interactive Handbook and Tool Kit that leads you step-by-step through identifying your face shape, analyzing your profile and understanding the principles of beauty as balance and harmony.stepanie's Devine Difference

The Devine Difference is truly simple to understand. Rhonda is so fun to watch, you will watch it over and over. You will begin to recognize face shapes on everyone around you. You will notice when a hairstyle is out of balance with a person's face shape.

You will never have a "bad haircut" again because you will know the answer when your stylist asks, "What shall we do with your hair today?"

The Devine Difference Haircut Video Package includes:

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More Devine Difference Videos Coming Soon...

The video series includes instructional videos for haircut, hair color, makeup, and for men to learn which colors to wear that make them magnetic and which haircuts that complement them best.

Watch for these videos coming in early 2009...

Hair Color

hair color
  Available in 2010


  Available 2010


men's video


Available 2010




Before and After


before adrienne

after adrienne


before karen

after karen


before marilyn

after marilyn

"Rhonda is the only stylist that ever cut my hair to show off my natural features. The difference is amazing! I get complements every day!"

-Kelly Hunt, World Travel Partners

"I had felt for some time that my outside didn't match my inside, the real me. But after seeing Rhonda I feel as if there was an amazing rebirth. What she has done with my hair in style as well as color was amazing!"

-Debbie Benfield

"Rhonda takes time to explain how she will work with my hair to complement my face shape and features.
She is talented and dedicated and gives her all to every client. I always receive complements on her haircuts and I am always pleased with her work."

-Fran McBride