About Rhonda DevineRhonda Devine

It would be easy to say Rhonda DeVine is passionate about hair, because she is. Look deeper and you will understand Rhonda's real passion. Sitting in Rhonda's chair you realize she is passionate about you, how you look and how you feel. She is passionate about empowering you to be your best.

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Rhonda is passionate about making a Devine Difference in the lives that she touches. Rhonda draws from a deep spiritual wellspring that recognizes every moment as an opportunity to express her creativity.

Rhonda doesn't just live everyday to its fullest, she intentionally creates it. She knows that thoughts matter. And her thoughts are all about helping people embrace what she sees in them, their own unique beauty.

Rhonda and customerIn her young, often chaotic life Rhonda excelled academically. Whether it was in Algebra or Home Economics Sewing Class, Rhonda brought precision and focus to every assignment. At 18 years old Rhonda brought that same degree of passionate precision to beauty school.

Throughout Rhonda's 32 years as a stylist she has continued to update her skills and techniques through continuing her education. Over her career she has studied with the most celebrated stylists in the industry.

The principles of The Devine Difference evolved from over 30 years of applying those theories and skills to every single client that sat in her chair. Real people, not Hollywood models, made The Devine Difference possible.

The Devine Difference is dedicated to those real people who want to look good and feel confident. Today it is Rhonda's dream to share the Devine Difference with the world, not just with the few who sit in her chair. Thank you for being part of that dream.




Here is what a professional stylist had to say about The Devine Difference...

"After taking Rhonda's hair cutting class I have the confidence to know which styles fit my client's face shape and will look best on them.

My work is more professional than ever before and I can tell that my clients respect me and my opinion. Rhonda's program has made a tremendous difference in my clientele retention."

- Leanna Sciuho, Hoshall's Salon and Spa, Folsom, Ca.

"Rhonda is the only stylist that ever cut my hair to show off my natural features. The difference is amazing! I get complements every day!"

-Kelly Hunt, World Travel Partners

"I had felt for some time that my outside didn't match my inside, the real me. But after seeing Rhonda I feel as if there was an amazing rebirth. What she has done with my hair in style as well as color was amazing!"

-Debbie Benfield

"Rhonda takes time to explain how she will work with my hair to complement my face shape and features.
She is a talented and dedicated who gives her all to every client. I always receive complements on her haircuts and am always pleased with her work."

-Fran McBride